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Gifts for Alzheimer's Patients

Created with rich imagery, extremely large print, high quality construction and innovative design this series of books helps us to achieve our goals of “creating books that provide an extraordinary way to communicate with Alzheimer's patients.”

Choosing gifts for Alzheimer’s patients can be a daunting task. The National Institute on Aging say that people struggling with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, “may remember things better by mentally connecting them to other meaningful things, such as a familiar name, song or lines from a poem.”

We have chosen book topics that are both familiar and meaningful to many Alzheimer’s suffers - selected Bible verses, favorite hymns and well-known poems. Our books help to sharpen the memory, stimulate the senses and promote interaction between the caregiver and loved ones. We hope our extremely large print books will make finding gifts for your Alzheimer’s patients a little easier.

“My mother suffers from Alzheimer’s. I saw your books in a bookstore and thought I might give them a try. I was shocked when my mother started reading the verses and singing the hymns. I couldn’t believe she could still read. These books gave me a new lease on dealing with my mother. It’s all about connecting for a little while.” Evelyn Davis, Butner, NC

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