Our Story

My mother, inspired during an outing with a visually impaired friend, came up with the idea for this series of books. My parents, Kathy and Paul Reinhold, often tackled difficult humanitarian and conservation projects. Designing and publishing a series of books was something entirely new for them. That is where my husband, Bill, and I stepped into the picture. As designers, we were the next link in the chain connecting inspiration and creation. The result is this series of large print books.


We printed our series in 1999.  Since that time we have been delighted by the response we've received from readers.  My father, who truly enjoyed sharing the books with everyone, passed away in early 2010 after suffering for many years with Alzheimer's.



The Harvard Ranch has been our family getaway for over 40 years. The rustic log home and outbuildings are nestled at the base of Mount Harvard in the Arkansas River Valley of central Colorado. My sisters and I spent our summers exploring along Frenchmen’s Creek, and traipsing through the hills looking for wild berries and arrowheads. Today, the homestead is still just as wonderful as it was then, with its rushing creek, abundant wildlife, grand kids, family dogs and fond memories. It has also been a great place to work on books.





We are currently working on more books, including gender specific titles, as well as Old Testament, and non-secular titles.  If you call, you will be reaching our home office.


With Positivity,