Quotes and Reviews


"Thank you so much for the amazing books...Our residents love them!  The construction of the books is well thought out and perfect for our memory care residents."  Mallory Popielarz, LEC "I want to thank you for expediting your books to me. I received them on Christmas Eve. I couldn't believe how beautiful they were. My husband didn't think his mother would like them. My mother-in-law is Catholic and he wasn't sure if she would take to the books, as they seemed to veer toward the Protestant religion. To our surprise, she totally loved the books! You see, she has Alzheimer's and has been in a nursing home since Sept. 2008. We couldn't get over her reaction to the books. Thank you again for such wonderful service."Patricia Carr "Just want to thank you for publishing these wonderful books! My mother has dementia and reads these books every day. She reads aloud, with expression, and comments on the beauty of the photographs and the importance of the words. We have wonderful discussions about the Bible passages and hymn lyrics and she leaves the dark world of dementia and returns to her former self in clarity of thought and true happiness over the comfort the familiar words bring. I hope your new books will be published soon. These truly are a miracle for families of those that struggle with dementia and all its cruelty. If she is having an outburst or serious incident of confusion, my suggestion why don't you read those large print books over there often calms her and diverts her attention. Thank-you again.Kathy Sautter ".. I ordered all three books because each theme had a distinct connection to the memories I have of my grandmother when I was a child... she was always gardening, active in her church, and was a wonderful singer. When I went to visit her yesterday, I brought the books along as a surprise present and although I had hope, I wasn't prepared for what happened next...the Hymns book was the one she picked up first and after holding it for a little while, she opened it up to the page with Amazing Grace on it...read it for a moment, and began to sing...for probably the first time in 5 years. It also turns out that the Walk in the Garden hymn was my Grandpa and Grandma's song...they used to sing it as a duet in church before I was born and they both teared up as they went through the verses together. I can honestly say that I don't know what the next few months will bring, but I know in my heart that last night will live in the memory of my Grandpa, Mother, and I for a very long time. Thank you so much for all that you do...your books are truly amazing.Sara Waters "I am the director at an adult day care facility in Atlanta, GA. We were given all three of your books for our activity programs. I gave ‘A Walk in the Garden,' to an Alzheimer's patient who hadn't spoken for years and he started reading out loud."Georgia Gunter, MJCCA Weinstein Center "Kay was an avid reader before her stroke. These books were the first time she'd seen something she could read. We literally had to pry her fingers off to get her to a physical therapy session."Dot Kellar, Director, Creative Care Center, Cocoa Beach, FL "My mother has suffered from Alzheimer's for several years. I didn't think she could even read anymore, let alone sit still to look at a book. When I gave her your book to look at she sat for 45 minutes and read every page."Jane Cheek, Columbia Falls, MT "Our client has dementia. We have enjoyed reading your book, ‘A Walk in the Garden' so very much, the print is large, the poetry stimulating enough so as not to be insulting and the beautiful pictures lead to further discussions. Thank you for making our relationship with our client so enjoyable. We are looking forward to the next two books."Pamela Ryan & Staff "Harvard Ranch Publishing asked me if I would review three of their books that are part of a series of very large print books. I was glad they did and only wished that I had known about these books when my father was still able to appreciate beautiful words and pictures. The books are designed for the visually impaired, stroke victims, and those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and other problems associated with aging. All topics are both familiar and meaningful to older people. The books are large enough for arthritic hands to hold and specially bound so they can lay flat when opened."Karen Henderson, The Caregiver Network "An older woman I visited who suffers from Alzheimer's was enthralled by the picture of the little white chapel. She was positive it was the church she attended as a young girl and it brought back memories she enjoyed sharing." "A Walk in the Garden is a charming journey into the natural world. My grandson is visually impaired, and we really enjoy reading your book together."Dolores Richardson