Very Large Print, Gift Books Created for People Suffering from Alzheimer's and other Dementias, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke or Low Vision


Harvard Ranch books help provide a simple way to engage and  reminisce. Our concept of bringing together extremely large print and colorful images in an accessible, intelligent format may be a simple idea, but it works.


Harvard Ranch Books were created with input from health care professionals, ophthalmologists, and the visually impaired.


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Often as a caregiver we have a profound sense of loss. We yearn for a connection with our loved ones. Bringing them joy, brings us joy.


These comforting, large print books were designed to help family members and caregivers connect with the elderly, visually impaired and those suffering from Parkinson's, Stroke, Alzheimer’s and other dementias.


They convey dignity and warmth using familiar words and beautiful imagery.





We feel these books make wonderful gifts. Share our large print books with someone you love.  It’s all about connecting for a little while.

The Concepts Behind the Design:

The unique spiral binding allows the books to lay perfectly flat on a table or on the reader's lap. The books are large and sturdy, yet remarkably light-weight (1lb or less) for readers with arthritis or limited motor skills.  Each book has bright, bold images printed on heavy-weight, museum quality paper. The type is extremely large. The content is based on subjects that reflect what many older people find comforting and keep stored in their long-term memory. This is particularly important for those suffering from Alzheimer’s or other dementias. Images and text help caregivers generate conversation and reminisce.


    In Verses from the Bible , we have selected twenty-four passages from the Bible that are familiar and comforting. In addition, the images of stained glass windows illuminate the words, just as those windows illuminate the churches where they were photographed.  In the back of the book is additional information on the art of stained glass, the windows pictured in the book, the churches they came from, and the artists who created them.





    Filled with simple verse and proverbs, A Walk in the Garden shares with the reader the joys of nature. Bright colored pencil illustrations accompany the inspirational words of many authors, including John Keats, William Wordsworth and William Shakespeare. Additional biographical information on the featured writers is included in the back of the book.



    Nothing stirs memories or lifts the spirit like the fondly remembered words and melodies of favorite songs. For many of us, no songs are more special than the hymns we learned as children and have sung throughout our lives.  Additional verses to each hymn are in the back of the book.


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